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Pajarito Scientific Corporation (PSC) designs, manufactures and provides custom radiometric instrumentation systems. We specialize in Uranium and Plutonium Characterization; Very Low-Level Waste through to High Level Waste and TRU Waste Characterization.

PSC utilizes Total and Passive/Active Neutron Coincidence Counting techniques in addition to High and Low Resolution Gamma Spectroscopy techniques to fully characterize a wide variety of nuclear materials



PSC has conducted GPS-based radiological surveys for a variety of customers and applications. Using real-time data processing and navigation for sub-meter gross gamma mapping, PSC can provide rapid response for surface soil contamination removals, remedial action support, and hot spot detection.

The low-resolution system is comprised of a standard high-efficiency NaI detector with counting electrons, GPS unit and Bluetooth. The entire system may be hand-carried in extremely remote areas, attached to small carts (both flat surface and rugged terrain) or mounted to a Utility Vehicle.

If required for more detailed gamma characterization, a gamma scan using a High Purity Germanium (HPGe) can be performed. The HPGe measurements may be performed on ‘hot spots’ exhibiting higher count rates or randomly selected areas for concentration correlations.



PSC-Criticality Accident Alarm System

• ANSI/ANS 8.3 Compliant
• 2 out of 3 (2oo3) Criticality Detection Logic
• Local CAAS Status Indicators
• Up to 50 Detectors per Detector Ring Circuit
• Tested at a High Dose Rate Facility
• Low Cost, Low Maintenance and Reliable Detectors
• Flexible and Expandable
• Low Probability of Spurious Alarms