PSC managment and staff are proud of their ongoing contributions to solving difficult and challenging problems for their customers. We work hard and cos-effectively to define and execute solutions that delight our customers, consistent with the aspirations expressed in the PSC Vision and Mission statements.



PSC Vision Statement

“PSC will be the internationally recognized contractor of choice for providing radiometric services and solutions for complex nuclear materials assay, identification, shielding, segregation and ultimate waste disposition certification programs. We will be the provider of dependable, cost-effective equipment, support, and services and will be identified as the cost-effective problem solvers in this arena."

PSC Mission Statement

PSC’s mission is to provide reliable and affordable solutions to our customers’ radiometric measurement, radiation control and containment, and nuclear waste management problems. We will delight our customers by meeting or exceeding their needs and expectations with best-in-class Systems, Services and Solutions by:

  •       Developing and delivering products and services that address their needs and satisfy their quality requirements;
  •       Providing experienced, trained professionals and resources to maintain the state-of-the-art applicability of our products and services;
  •       Continuously improving our capabilities, processes and technical support in order to efficiently and cost-effectively solve their problems.

                                     David L. Heath, Owner & Chairman                                                                           George E. Dials, Strategic Advisor


PSC Values

  •         Safety - We commit to maintaing a safe work place and safe work practices for our employees and to applying safe work practices to protect the safety and health of our customers and the public.
  •          Excellence - We committe to delighting our customers and working to be the best in all that we do. Quality and continuous improvement are essential to our success.
  •          Integrity - We commit to open, truthful communications and to conduct our business in a professional and ethical manner.
  •          Responsible Empowerment - We take personal responsibility for our actions and are accountable for achieving the desired results of our efforts.
  •          Simplicity - We commit to simplifying work processes, regulatory interactions, product development and services to increase productivity, reduce costs and enable project completion.
  •        Teamwork - We commit to achieving outcome – orientated results through teaming with our customers, contractors, and stakeholders. Mutual respect and teamwork are a foundation of our success.
  •          Trust - We believe that both relationship and organizational trust are essential to our success. Trust increases the speed and reduces the costs of our problem solving. We cannot succeed without trust.