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P/N: KTL 3000

The KTL 3000 Thermo-Anemometer is a pocket-sized precision instrument for measuring wind speed, temperature, wind chill, relative humidity, heat index and dew point temperature. This meter measures Air Speed (Velocity) on HEPA equipment inlet and exhaust. Air flow velocity can be easily converted to Cubic Feet of Air (CFM) Flow, see Air Flow Conversion Formulas.

  • Large liquid crystal display which is easy to read under almost any conditions.
  • Temperature and wind chill can be displayed in °C or °F.
  • The display units can be changed at any time, with choices to suit a wide variety of applications (knots, meters per second, kilometers per hour, miles per hour, feet per minute, or Beaufort scale).
  • All functions are controlled with only two buttons.
  • A precision ultra-light impeller mounted on sapphire bearings measures wind speed.
  • This impeller yields high accuracy (± 3%) and a low startup speed (0.3 M/S).
  • Wind chill is calculated from wind and temperature data using the U.S. National Weather Service's official tables.
  • The Kestrel uses an external thermistor for fast response and accuracy to +/- 1.0ºC.
  • The capacitive humidity sensor is factory calibrated to +/- 3% accuracy and can be recalibrated in the field with our Relative Humidity Calibration Kit.
  • Shock-mounted in a glass reinforced plastic housing which can simply be popped out and replaced with a new assembly in the event that the impeller mechanism becomes worn or damaged.
  • The Kestrel is waterproof and floats.
  • The hard case slips on and off easily, protecting the display and all moving parts from damage.
  • Performance is guaranteed for one full year.
  • US Patent Nos. 5,783,753 and 5,939,645 and 6,257,074.

Performance Specifications
On-axis Accuracy: +/-3% of reading or +/-least significant digit.
Off-axis Response: -1% @ 5°, -2% @ 10°, -3% @ 15°.
Resolution and Range: KT, M/S, KM/H or MPH, resolution 0.1; max display range 199.9.
FPM: Resolution 1.0 below 1,999, 10 above 2,000 (auto-ranging); max display range 19,990.
Calibration Drift: <2% after 100 hours operation at 7 M/S.
Minimum Speed: 0.3 M/S (~0.6 KT, 1KM/H, 0.7 MPH, 60 FPM).
Maximum Speed: 40 M/S (~78 KT, 144 KM/H, 89 MPH, 7830 FPM). Some loss of accuracy from bearing wear may occur with sustained operation over 25 M/S.
Operating Modes: Temperature, wind chill, relative humidity, heat index, dew point temperature.
Update: 1 Second.
Accuracy: +/-0.1° C temperature, +/-0.1° C wind chill.
Humidity Sensor Response Time: 1 minute.
Resolution: 0.1.

Display Specifications
Operating Modes: Moving three second average (wind speed), average since power-on (AV) or maximum three second gust since power-on (MAX).
Type: Reflective LCD.
Digit Height: 0.36” (9 mm).
Update: 1 second.
Range: 0.0 to 19.9, 20 to 199.
Units: Knots (KT), meters per second (M/S), kilometers per hour (KM/H), miles per hour (MPH), feet per minute (FPM), and Beaufort force (B).

Operation Specifications
Buttons: Two sealed tactile rubber buttons control all functions.
Auto Shutdown: 30 minutes after last key press.
Battery: User-replaceable CR2032 coin cell. Typical life is 400 hours.

Environmental Specifications
Sealing: Electronics enclosure IP67, water resistant to 3’ (1 meter). Unit floats.
Shock: Drop tested to 6’ (2 meters).
Temperature: Operating range: -5° F to 122° F (15° C to 50° C). Storage range: -4° F to 176° F (20° C to 80° C).

Physical Specifications
Impeller: Diameter 1” (25mm). High precision sapphire bearings. User replaceable impeller assembly.
Hermetically sealed thermistor.
Case: Slip-on hard case protects display, buttons and impeller.
Dimensions: Unit, 4.8” x 1.7” x 0.6” (122 x 42 x 14 mm); case, 4.6” x 1.8” x 0.7” (117 x 46 x 19 mm); lanyard, 10” (0.5 m).
Weight: Unit, 1.6 ounces (44 grams); case, 0.8 ounces (23 grams).

Temperature Limitations
The Kestrel temperature sensor is able to measure temperatures as low as -30° C (-22° F) and as high as 70° C (158° F). The sensor and electronics won't measure beyond this range. The Kestrel is able to display wind chill measurements lower than -30° C, depending on wind conditions. It is also able to display heat index measurements above 70° C, depending on humidity conditions. Furthermore, the Kestrel display will not function if the display itself gets below -15° C. However, if the unit is kept in a pack, pocket or other warm area, the temperature of the display itself should not get cold enough for the unit to stop functioning.
Full one-year warranty on entire system covers manufacturing defects.

Spare removable impeller