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Perma-Con® Modular Panel Containment Enclosures are provided exclusively by PSC

Perma-Con® is a durable, versatile, fast-erecting containment solution that has been in use at all Department of Energy Weapons Complex sites for over 25 years. Commercial uses include nuclear power plants, pharmaceutical, food processing, and research laboratories. Engineered for your specific application, PSC can supply HEPA filtration systems, ducting, HVAC, custom flooring, lab hoods, waste hoods and other equipment to support your requirements.

Turnkey systems are delivered ready for immediate installation!

  • TRU Process Containments
  • Laboratories
  • TRU Waste Sorting and Recovery
  • Decontamination Facilities
  • HazMat Storage
  • Asbestos
  • Change Rooms
  • Tank Access
  • Radioactive Materials


COST EFFECTIVE - Modular Containment Systems are more cost effective than other temporary solutions when man-hours for erection and tear-down, durability and reusability are considered.
SIMPLIFIED ERECTION - Panels are ready to use and assemble quickly using fasteners or the Quarter-Turn Locking Key for standard small span structures.
VERSATILITY - Options include air locks, windows, fire suppression systems, service ports, doors, custom adapter panels and AV camera systems for remote monitoring and exposure reduction.
STRENGTH - Perma-Con® panels have steel frames with stainless steel sheathing. Seismically qualified systems are also available.
REUSABILITY - Durability and panel interchangeability allows panels to be reused and reassembled into many different configurations versus disposal.
DECONTAMINATION - Stainless steel interior surfaces allow for easy removal of contaminants.
STRUCTURAL CODE COMPLIANCE - Designs are available that will meet the International Building Code (IBC) and site-specific seismic qualification criteria.

  • Large Equipment Roll-up Doors
  • Personnel Doors or hinged walls
  • Air Locks for Personnel and Material
  • Material Transfer Ports
  • Roof openings for Large Equipment
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Spill Control Curbing Arrangements
  • Integral Floors for Containment
  • Bridge/Monorail Cranes
  • Fire Protection and Suppressions systems
  • Prefabricated Electrical Installations
  • Integral Variable Speed HEPA Units for Maintaining Negative Pressure
  • Exterior Lighting Modules
  • Integral HVAC Systems
  • Material Handling Equipment such as jib cranes