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P/N: EK03

The RCM-501 washer is capable of washing and sanitizing six full face or twelve half face mask respirators in one machine cycle, up to a maximum of 180 respirators per hour. The respirators are loaded into the washer in a 20" x 20" x 6" rack (P/N FB01). The rack is also used to hold the respirators during the drying operation in the model RCM-502 MasKleen Respirator Dryer.

A loaded rack of respirators is placed in the washer which contains two gallons of 120°F water. The automatic cycle is initiated when the washer door is closed.

MasKlenze detergent (P/N HH01) and disinfectant (Clorox™ bleach) are injected into the wash water and the respirators are exposed to a high pressure spray by moving spray nozzles located above and below the respirators. The wash cycle exposes the respirators to an equivalent of 63 gallons of water per minute of wash, as selected on the PLC Controller. The wash water is drained and the washer sump and pump are flushed with clean water. The washer refills with 2 gallons of water and a power rinse is initiated. The rinse exposes the respirators to an equivalent of 21 gallons of clean water, this completes the disinfectant wash/clean rinse cycle and the respirator racks are removed from the washer. The "rinse" water in the washer sump is retained in the machine and utilized as the "wash water" for the next cycle, thus greatly reducing water consumption.

Variable wash time cycle: the variable wash time cycle (40 sec. - 180 sec.) allows the operator to adjust the wash portion of the cycle while retaining the automatic cycling of the washer. MasKlenze detergent and disinfectant are injected by adjustable positive displacement peristaltic pumps for accurate control. The washer is equipped with 3 pumps (1 spare). A safety switch stops operation of the washer any time the door is opened. All machine functions controlled by an on-board Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). These functions are are displayed and programmed through a touch screen display/interface.


Respirator washing capacity per hour:
2 minute wash cycle: half mask 180/hr; full mask 90/hr
Up to 10 minute wash cycle: half mask 60/hr; full mask 30/hr.
Cycles per hour: 30 maximum, 5 minimum (1 rack washed and rinsed).
Respirators per rack: 6 to 12 depending upon make and type.
Water consumption: 4 gallons per cycle.
Pump rate (GPM) through spray nozzles: 63 GPM.

Water required: 20 lb. flow pressure @ 120° F, 3/8" MPT (F).
Drain: 2" MNPT Connection - gravity fed.
Power: 115 VAC, 1 phase, 10A load.
Construction: type 304, 18-8 No. 4 finish stainless steel.
Design: single rack front loaded/unloaded.
Dimensions: 24" x 26 1/4" x 39 1/2".


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